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Year: 2011
Sh. Laxmi Narain Pandey Dr. Markandey Rai A Study of effect of Family relationship on Adjustment,Values and Study Habits of Secondary School Students.
Ms. Ganga Bhojak Dr. Saroj sharma A Study of Superstitious and non superstitious B.Ed. Students in Decision Making Ability, Self-Confidance and Stress.
Sh. Harlal Dudi Dr. Amitabh Sharma A Study of effect of commerical advertisement by the Media in the development of Social Values Adjustment and Educational Awareness of Adolesent students.
Sh. Lokesh Sharma Dr. Markandey Rai A Comparative Study of Adjustment,Self-Concept,Social Behaviour & Values of Students of Different Professional Courses
Mr. Om Prakash Maharshi Dr. Ram Manhor Rai A Study of Educational Values Enunciated in Valmiki Ramayan.
Mrs. Geeta Dr. Saroj sharma A Study of Curiosity Social Behavior,Obedient-Disobedient Tendency and School Satisfaction of Girls of Various Categories of Higher Secondary Level.
Mr. Rishu Deep Bhatnagar Dr. Markandey Rai An Investigation into the Scientific Temper in Relation to Scientific Creativity of Senior Secondary Science Students.
Ms. Aruna Sehgal Dr. Amitabh Sharma A Study of Effect of Discussion, Problem Solving and Seminar Method on Educational Achievement of Social Studies Subject of Class IX Students.
Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Dr. Saroj sharma A Study of Attitude towards teaching,mental health and value of pre service teachers
Mr. Narendra Bhatt Dr. Vidyanand Pandey A Critical Study of Value Oriented Education Included in Various Religious Serials.
Year: 2010
Aruna Verma Dr.Amitabh Sharma A Study of impact of Co-curricular Activities on Personality, Values and Emotional Maturity of Various Secondary Schools Students.
Raksha Pal Singh Dr.Anil Kumar Upadhyay A comparative Study of Effectiveness of Programmed Instruction & Traditional Methods in Teaching Biology.
Jayanti Sharma Dr.Markandey Rai A comparative study of anxity, frustration and problematic behaviour of various social classes of secondary level students.
Pushpa Saini Dr.Markandey Rai A comparative study of some psychological traits of dedicated and general teachers of  Senior Secondary school level.
Anuradha Saini Dr.Amitabh Sharma A comparative study of personlity, leadership and job satisfaction of teachers working in sarve shiksha abhiyan and private school of shekhawati anchal.
Mr. Meghraj Bhakar Dr.Markandey Rai A Study of Effect of Home Environment on Self Concept,Emotional Stability and Moral Judegment of Students of Upper Primary Level.
Mrs. Poonam Tomar Dr.Harpal Singh A Study of Emotional Stable and Unstable student's Reasoning Ability, Temperament, Values and Self-Concept.
Ms. Mamta Dixit Dr.Markandey Rai A Comparative study of Mental Health,Self Concept and Emotional Maturity of Participant and Non Participant of physical activities students.
Mrs. Kanchan Sharma  Dr.Saroj sharma A Study of Adjustment Feeling of Security-Insecurity and Scholastic Achievement of wards of House Wife and Service Women.
Mrs. Rekha Soni Dr. Anil Kumar Uppadhyay A Study of Attitude, Values, Creativity and Adjustment of the Students of Various Vocational Courses at Graduation Level.
Mrs. Sunita Saini Dr. Markandey Rai A Study of Attitude towards Education,Self-Concept and Aspiration Level of Tribal and General class of secondary level students of Rajasthan State.
Ms. Renuka Ramawat Dr. Vidaynand Pandey A Study of an effect of Administrative Behaviour and Personality Traits of Secondary School Headmasters in Making Educational Environment.
Ms. Suman Kumari Dr. Vidaynand Pandey A Comparative Study of Professional Role Commitment, Effectiveness and Job Stress of Secondary School's Teachers.
Smt. Usha Rani Sharma Dr. Markandey Rai A Study of Teaching Aptitude, Adjustment and job motivation of effective and ineffective teachers of Government secondary schools in view of teaching.
Mr. Om Prakash Saini Dr. Harpal Singh A Study of Nuclear and Joint Family Student's Feeling of Dedication, Adjustment and Moral Values.
Smt. Manisha Verma Dr. Markandey Rai A Study of Religiosity, Values and Social attitude of various cultural group of students in the scenario of National Integration
Sh. Arvind Kumar Sharma Dr. Amitabh Sharma "A Study of Social, Economical, Educational & Personal Problems of Child Labour Students"
Year: 2009
Usha Rathore Dr.Dinesh Kumar A Comparative Study of Academic Stress,Mental Health, Job Satisfaction and Leadership Capacity Among Teachers of Various Type of Secondary Schools.
Rajani Sharma Dr.Markandey Rai A Comparative Study of Personality Traits,Mental Health and Moral Judgement of Adolescents of Cultured and Un-cultured Families.
Shankar Lal Prajapat Dr.Saroj Sharma A Comparative Study of Educational Evironment,Student's Personality, Adjustment and Sports Achievement in Different Sports Schools of Northern India.
Ajay krishan Dr.Saroj Sharma A Study of Effect of Population Growth on Personality, Adjustment and Socio Economic Status of Adolescent Students.
Rama Sharma Dr.Anil Kumar Upadhyay A Comparative Study of Creativity, Adjustment and Personal Values of Working and Non-working Women's Children.
Poonam Sharma Dr.Markandey Rai A Comparative Study of Personal Values, Leadership Behaviour and Social Attitude of Female Teachers Active and Passive towards Women Empowerment.
Year: 2008
Sarita Sharma Dr.Markandey Rai A study of Emotional Stability, Creativity, Moral Value and Curiosity of Introvert and Extrovert Students of Upper Primary Level.
Nirmal Kumar Sharma Dr.Markandey Rai Role of Education in the Inculcation of Life Values.
Year: 2007
Ranjeeta Baid Dr.Markandey Rai A study of adjustment, mental Health and Moral Judgement of Participants and non Participants B.Ed. Students in Yoga Activities.
Santosh Choudhary Dr.Saroj Sharma A Study of Educational Environment Students Aspiration Level, Academic Stress & Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary Government and Non Govt.Schools.
Govind Narayan Kumawat Dr.Saroj Sharma A Study of Co-curricular Activities Student's Values, Feelings of  Security-Insecuirty and School Environment of Secondary School's.
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