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Recognised as Deemed to be University, under Section 3 of the UGC Act-1956 vide notification F.9-29/2000-U.3 of 25th June 2002,
and by the UGC vide notification F.6-25/2001 (CPP-I) of 17th July 2002.

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The Path Set out by the Founder of Gandhi Vidya Mandir

Gandhi Vidya Mandir* signifies an educational establishment that sows the seed of humanism into each human being. If I were to elaborate, 'Gandhi Vidya' would augment a lifestyle that is useful and benign to all; a lifestyle which could unite human society, despite diversity of views, environments and aptitudes, by an abiding bond of love; and that should, as well, be able to prevent the degeneration of human society by providing equitable education of the highest quality in different streams of knowledge.
It would foster rural upliftment, character building, creation of an addiction-free society, selfpurification, awareness for health and hygiene, 'think no ill- do no ill' to anyone, and extend a helping hand in fulfilling the basic needs of society. I would call it GANDHI VIDYA, and its veritable sanctum would be MANDIR.
*The literal meaning of Gandhi Vidya Mandir is Temple of Gandhian Education.

- Swami Shri Ramsharanji Maharaj (Formerly Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar)

Our Founder Vice-Chancellor Late Shri Milap Dugar Said...

Wedded to the Gandhian ideology of non-violence and universal brotherhood, Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) is one of the few educational institutions in India providing quality education from pre-primary to doctoral level, even to students belonging to the most deprived sections of society.
IASE (Deemed to be University), a unit of GVM, is a veritable amalgam of students and faculty, which is broadly representative of the diversity of the Indian nation. Included in that bouquet are shades and fragrances of other nations too. The University has dynamic plans, mainly through admissions and recruitments. IASE (Deemed to be University) has robust infrastructure and programming facilities to accommodate and maximize the educational advantages of the campus's rich tradition of access, equity and excellence.
Our campus, in existence for more than 60 years, had an humble beginning, with no great support from the movers and shakers of society. Being located in a deprived desert zone made it that much more difficult. We have to take the initiative to prove to the world that education leads to development. We need to prove wrong those who say education is not a public welfare activity but a money-spinning industry. We have proved this statement wrong in our working. We are committed to take the legacy of our founding fathers forward.
GVM boasts of a glorious past. It has grown from strength-to-strength and its 60 years history is a saga of stride, struggle and success. As a result, 'Service with Sincerity' is our watchword and 'ज्ञानभानुर्भासताम', our motto. 'May the Sun of Knowledge Shine '. (the Sun knows no discrimination and fills the entire world with the life-giving light and warmth).

Chancellor's Desk

There is nothing so sublime and pure as knowledge says the Bhagwat Gita. Before disseminating a sublime, pure and powerful thing like knowledge the recipient must be prepared to use it correctly. Indian sages called this सुपात्र विद्या दान. The Sages also described the objective of learning as ‘‘सा विद्या या विमुक्तये’’ 'true knowledge is that which liberates'. For peace and progress tomorrow the future citizens must be released from all bondings and reservations of caste, creed, region, language, gender, religion etc. This could be possible by instilling human values in them, and the best way of doing it is through education, thereby propagating the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam i.e. 'whole world is a fraternity'. Without this, knowledge becomes dangerous and self destructive. The founder of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Swami Ramsharanji, a first generation Gandhian, visualized this 64 years ago and started this institution with the objective of inculcating values in the citizens of tomorrow. He said, 'Humanity has tried all possible means in the search of peace like reforms in social, political and economic systems and even religion, but none could deliver; this leads us to education as the last resort'. That is why, he integrated the imparting of Human Values with full spectrum of educational activities in this institution; all educational ventures. This includes the inventions and subsequent unending reforms in the systems of society, politics, economy and even religion in all the courses taught at Gandhi Vidya Mandir including IASE (Deemed to be University). That legacy was ably continued by our Ex-President and first Vice Chancellor Late Shri Milap Dugar. I am happy to see all the present faculty members, administrators and staff fully wedded to these principles.
As a principle, Gandhi Vidya Mandir along with IASE (Deemed to be University) is covenant to convert its students into duty bound human beings instead of money minting machines.

Kanak Mal Dugar

Pro-Chancellor's Desk

University is a community of learners. The purpose of the university is to create value oriented individuals who can contribute to the overall nation building. IASE (Deemed to be University) has been providing opportunities in the domain of higher education. Education and training imparted here have roots in Indian tradition with global outlook. We help students to enhance their knowledge, skill and capacity building to transform them into competent individuals to meet challenges of life successfully. By following the objectives of sponsoring society GVM, we are taking care of rural, tribal and weaker sections of society. The students graduating from this university are placed in responsible positions in various government departments, academia and industry.
The academic programmes of the university allow the choice in courses with flexible entry and exit provide a clear intellectual and professional focus tailored to emerging needs. We endeavour to continue to adapt, evolve and respond to the challenges in research and academia in the global context with sincere efforts and willingness to carry forward rich heritage of our parent organisation. We have potential to provide quality higher education.
IASE (Deemed to be University) takes pride in having very good infrastructure, learning resources, laboratories, ICT facilities, libraries, hostels, sports complex etc., which make the environment conducive to learning.
We are determined to put in all our efforts and resources to keep pace with fast emerging needs of the students, society, industry and academia to serve humanity at global level.

Prof. Devendra Mohan

Vice-Chancellor's Desk

VC's Profile : Click Here

My dear students and fellow citizens of India,
Welcome to the improved website of the IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr. Now onwards, this is our main home. This website contains lot of modifications. The University hopes that you will witness some big improvements straight away and for that the site should be self-explanatory. The design of this site is a user friendly and informative in nature. Still, if you require clarifications after browsing of the site, feel free to contact us through email or other means of communication.

V.C. Speaks:
The IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr has primary obligation to provide direction to society; local, regional & national and to shape & channelize the energies, vision and commitments of the youth for positive, productive and creative concerns. This can be achieved only through an effective education and dissemination of the knowledge. The university further feels its obligations to serve the deserved, the served and not served sections and region of the society. This requires academic agenda to design academic programmes, which can address the problems, progress and concerns of subjects of the region in addition to a goal to put them at par with the global race in the domain of academic excellence, progress & development and creation of good human being with all sets of standards, value education and humanitarian norms.
The university shall design courses for all the faculties with functional and applied approach. The philosophy behind its curriculum will be student and society centric. The educational programmes will give students a strong education and worldly competence with humanitarian values consisting of respect for inner voice, justice, social, economic and political, liberty of thought, expression and worship, values; secular ,democratic and republic , dignity of individual and unity and integrity of the nation.
The University is committed to introduce all the academic reforms suggested by the UGC such as introduction of the standards and norms formulated by the RUSA and admission & examination reforms with reforms in teaching and learning designed in furtherance of the goals of employement and to ensure rich knowledge. The beneficiaries will witness the same soon.
I welcome all the students and urge them to explore their talent in the area of their choice. This will help them to meet challenges existing at all the levels by them. Therefore, the courses have been designed carefully to bring about the best results. My colleagues engaged in academic, administrative and ministerial activities will guide and help them throughout this important journey of their life. We join our hands and value our trust and belief in the IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr. I take this opportunity to appreciate your presence and contribution in making this university a great institution of higher education in teaching and learning, research and innovation through the norms set by the New Education Policy 2020 and Sustainable Development Goals 2015.
The University has already initiated a process to prepare Draft Regulations based on the National Education Policy 2020 entitled, "The IASE (Deemed to be University) Choice Based Credit System Semester Scheme with Multiple Entry and Exit Options at the Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programme Regulation, 2022" based on all the guidelines issued by the UGC. Submitted in this regard that the only portions which remain pending for drafting is the portion on which the UGC guideline is yet to be notified.

Prof (Dr.) B. L. Sharma

Pro Vice-Chancellor's Desk

This is a matter of immense pleasure and privilege for me to serve the society through my present services being rendered in this university.
Higher education in the contemporary world witnesses challenges of different nature throughout the world. The nation is aware of it and wants to address these challenges through effective reforms in the higher education. The Union Government of India has already initiated and academic march with resolutions to ensure effective transfer of knowledge in the field of academic world in the area of teaching, learning, research, innovation and placement oriented education and training. The IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr feels its obligations to join hands with the Union Government to work in furtherance of the norms and goals set under the National Education Policy 2020. The resolutions based on these norms will empower our society to meet the so called identified and unidentified challenges of the contemporary world.
The privatization of higher education has further added another dimension of creating optimised and vibrant platform for quality in knowledge and bridging the gap between academia and industries with an object to build core competence in student knowledge with skills on the foundation of ethics. The University feels its obligation to bridge this gap through academic and professional teaching.
The institution further feels committed to impart education based on the values. These values include Constitutional, social, cultural, economic and huminatarian.
The university feels committed to switch over to the choice best credit system (CBCS) with outcome based approach. The University has adopted academic reforms suggested by the UGC and has initiated a process to adopt all changes suggested by the UGC. The University has introduced structural training programs on soft skills and preparatory training for competitive examinations to make students employable. The entrepreneurship development activities and establishment of technology incubation centres in the university extend full support to the budding entrepreneurs.
The University has planned to expand its collaboration with the institutions of National and International repute engaged in teaching, research and professional activities.
The University resolves to reiterate that its earlier commitment to serve the society of the rural desert part of the Nation through the premium quality education accessible to all the beneficiaries.
The University has adequate resources including human and infrastructural to create conducive atmosphere for the growth and development of society through its beneficiaries.
I conclude the commitments of the university with the philosophy of Guru Rabindranath Tagore on the higher education that, ‘The higher education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with our existence'.

Prof. Pushpa D. Motiyani