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Future Plan
? Wisdom Based Sustainable Habitat
It has been realized for many years that there is something missing from the canvas of human lifestyle, which is the root of all human problems and evils in the society. Unconscious use of energy, the disharmony amongst development and peaceful living, the ill recognition of human needs and uncontrolled practices of science and technology have been posing problems in day to day life for many years. Apart from these maniacal tendencies of profit, consumption and sex have ruined human relations and values.

Gandhi Vidya Mandir intends to establish a 'Wisdom Based Sustainable Habitat' where a group of human beings live like one family till they achieve right understanding. They would be able to live in harmony with nature and other human beings with the understanding of natural laws in a self reliant way. This habitat would be designed as a center of study, research and living practice for achieving the goal of integrated world.
? Existential Harmony/Existential order for Peace & Harmony:
The studies and Research trends globally indicates that there is orderliness in the universe. All existing nonliving and living units are self-controlled and balanced by natural laws and are in a certain inherent order. A segment of researchers and scholars are striving to recognize this inherent synergy in universal phenomenon in areas like order of atoms, cells, organ system, chemical & physical activities and human activities. Having understood the importance of the inherent orderliness in existence, and practicing this, struggle of human being with environment, ecosystem and internal conflicts could be subsided and an ever lasting peace and harmony could prevail on this planet. IASE deemed University, GVM is launching a major research project to encourage study in such areas (Philosophical, scientific and humanistic levels) in coming years. The project aims to identify talents and foster research under guidance of experts. The outstanding research work will be published.
? Institute of Global Harmony
IASE deemed University held an International Seminar on Teacher Education for Peace and Harmony, Delhi on Feb 11-13, 2012. A Post Seminar Workshop was also organized at Sardarshahar on Feb 14-15, 2012. 30 experts from 12 countries along with 100 scholars and experts from India presented their papers and more than 600 people participated in the seminar. One of the most important recommendations of the seminar was to establish an Institute of Global Harmony. During the seminar experts expressed the need for establishment of an 'Institution for Global Harmony'. The scholars asked Gandhi Vidya Mandir to consider taking this work as it was most suitable for the same due to its background. Humbly the Institute accepted this responsibility and plans are afoot to start this work immediately.
? World Resource Centre for Peace and Harmony Education
Everyone acknowledges that values cannot be taught by people who do not live them. Thus a need for a World Resource Centre for Peace and Harmony which prepares people who are living models of human values. These resource people would fulfill the need of different institutions across the world. Gandhi Vidya Mandir intends to establish such a center at the appropriate location in the country where training, teaching, study, research and realization of right understanding would be given to learners. The institution is also looking at collaborating with other institutes for this work.
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