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Super Server e-mini-Tractor
Energy Research Centre

The objective of this invention is to provide most low cost, free energy, machine to help Indian farmers, to improve their poor to worse financial conditions. And to discourage their suicide trend due to dwindling income resources in agricultural farming, by providing latest most farmers-care technology. That provides fossil fuel free, three times more income generation scope, compared to conventional tractor use in agriculture farming.

The History of Tractors
The invention of latest most advanced indigenous technology machine provides, much better low cost alternative, than compared to conventional tractors that requires fossil fuel, use. The tractors had been invented abroad at the end of seventeenth century; in times industrial revolution. In this era While Europe was changing, moving towards mechanisation to meet Industrial and farming requirements, beginning with steam power use, in particular to care very huge large farm house requirements.  The history tells it started with very humble beginning, with first coal fired steam tractor was designed for farming Activity, innovation translated in to crude oil engines, and gradually improved to conventional diesel engines model. Now the technology has added many latest equipment’s, for earth work, material handling. To generate additional income other than farming requirements- we wish to add our R&D contribution in continuity of agriculture farm machine history.
It took about over 5 decades of hard work, to the inventor to find alternative technology that will replace diesel run tractors/tillers. By using solar energy power that will suit south- Asian countries farmers, farming requirements.  In particular to Indian context- where mostly farmers have marginal small farm lands, ranging 3 to five acres even less, to cultivate food crops. They are the main staple food grain suppliers to feed 125crore , hungry stomach, of our country. There economic conditions have gone bad to worse. Hence they cannot afford, costly conventional farming machines, and its high operational fuel cost. The farming work in India is full of natural calamities prone disaster oriented profession, with  un assured  income of profit margin.
The main most features
The invention provides 365 days service, and dose many kinds of work other than farming, transporting work, it provides daily electricity, to farmers house, to run all electrical appliances it can cook food, it can run food processing unit, floor mill, oil extractor, cold storage, vegetable processing units, water treatment RO unit, washing laundry, also village level cottage industries, ice plants. Dall mills, small machine shop for electrical /mechanical and electronic repair and production work, apart for making farming tools. To support village industries for his children’s to earn livelihood.
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