Dr. Kanchan Sharma (President)
I convey my heartfelt thanks to my fellow members who have reposed their faith in me as the President of the Society for the term 2017-18. I perceive the Society as a vibrant platform to serve Alma Mater. There is no denying the fact that whatever position today I have got is all thanks to Alma Mater. Now I feel privileged to get an opportunity to redeem my gratitude. I appeal to all of you to rise to the occasion to contribute to the holistic development of Our Alma Mater.

Mr. Prveen Sharma (Secretary)
I feel honoured on being entrusted with the duty of serving as the Secretary of Alumni Society, Sardarshahar for 2017-18. I solicit the co-operation from all fellow Alumni members for the all round development of our institution. The Alma Mater is poised to face the challenges emerging every day in the present world. It is a god send opportunity for all of us to do something constructive for the Alma Mater.